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The phrase, "Changed my life," is often used loosely. God, my parents, my coach were people that have made that kind of enormous impact, Kimberly Testa has been added to that short list. There are few people I've ever been blessed enough to work with that can answer questions before I ask them. Kimberly is one of those people. My work is focused exclusively on the healthcare of professional athletes, their coaches and staff. Finding the same, first-class, top notch, team work and performance in Secured Medical Billing has been the greatest asset to my practice."

Dr. Spencer Baron
The 2010 National Sports Chiropractor of the Year
Team Chiropractic Physician for the NFL - Miami Dolphins
Author, "Secrets of the Game"
Nationally Acclaimed Inspirational Speaker, Educator
Treasurer - American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
Past president - Pro Football Chiropractic Society

I have been a chiropractor for over 22 years. Many of those years I had in house billing and was scared and nervous to hire an outside billing company. After hiring my first billing company, my fears were realized; poor communication, poor follow up and poor collection percentage. What a nightmare! Then I was referred to Kim Testa with Secured Medical Billing; WOW what a difference. Kim is very knowledgeable, very efficient and a great communicator. No more follow up or collection problems. I'm paid in full in a timely manner and all delays and no pays are handled quickly and effectively. Kim's procedures ensure rapid billing and great results and her fees are reasonable. No more worries with Secured Medical Billing. I highly recommend Kim and her billing company for anyone who is tired of managing billing and the high cost of personnel.

Dr. Scott Hedrick

Billing and collections is an extremely important aspect of all medical companies. Secure Medical Billing has been able to turn what usually is a tough frustrating experience into a positive strength of our business. They are continually updating us on the ever changing rules and regulations of coding and billing which enables us focus on treating our patients.

Chris Herrera

Kim has been the greatest asset my practice with respect to getting paid for insurance services rendered. In an environment where insurance companies are quick to deny physician reimbursements, her attention to detail, unending professionalism, and relentless pursuit of recovering fees is something I can count on. The insurance companies have people dedicated to denying payments and I have Kim dedicated to make sure that doesn't happen.

Dr. Doman

Secured Medical Billing has been a great investment for our practice. Having just opened our doors, we wanted to find the most cost effective scenario possible and we couldn't be happier. The return on our investment has been great for our office. With their combination of fair prices, service, willingness to go the extra mile and hard work, they are in a league of their own. I would recommend them to any office considering out of office billing!

Troy Byall

Thank you for your hard work and relentlessness while doing my billing. When we hired your company, my billing was in shambles. We had an employee that was hiding outstanding balances and really did not want to work hard to recoup outstanding balances from both patients and insurance companies. Unfortunately, this is somewhat common in my world. Thanks to you, our collections improved dramatically, while our accounts receivables diminished.

I have been practicing for 13 years and can say with certainty, your work ethic and smarts are unparalleled in the world of medical billing.

I look forward to you making me a lot more money in the future.

Matthew Cooper, DC

Secured Medical Billing has been most helpful to me and my practice. They extend themselves beyond expectations. Our billing is handled in a timely, efficient fashion and they are always on call to answer our questions and solve our problems no matter how large or small. With the billing and receivables portion of the practice in the hands of Secured Medical Billing, my employees and I are able to focus on our patients. As a result, my patients are better served and my office runs smoothly without the added stress of billing issues. I highly recommend Secured Medical Billing to any physician's office.

Dr. Julio Pardave Jr

Secured Medical Billing has been instrumental in increasing our collections and improving our accounts receivable. Before we outsourced our billing to SMB, we had continuous problems with our in-house billing staff. SMB was able to come in and not only improve our collections, but collect on claims we didn't know were unpaid. I have since opened a satellite location and did not hesitate to outsource my billing to Secured Medical Billing.

Kevin Christie, D.C.

Working with Secured Medical Billing has been extremely good for our business. Since utilizing their services, our office is not slowed down by chasing unpaid claims from various insurance carriers and allows us to focus on the important stuff within the office as well as patient care. All payments are entered quickly, which allows us to get reports and patient statements as soon as they are needed. It truly combines the benefits of in-house billing with outsourcing and with their experience and reliability, we don't need to continuously train our staff or update our software. I highly recommend them to all!

Dr. Alan Testa
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