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Benefits of Outsourcing

Improve Cash Flow & Timeliness of Billing

Eliminate cash flow interruptions that occur when in-house medical biller leaves or goes on vacation. Developing a steady cash flow will only enhance the practice's bottom line. Secured Medical Billing uses a rapid and accurate submission, filing your claims within 48 hours of receipt.

Managing your medical billing in-house is a time consuming, expensive, and weighty responsibility. Outsourcing the billing enables healthcare providers to focus on the critical care of their patients.

With the various insurance companies' ever-changing insurance rules and HIPAA regulations, healthcare reimbursement and claims processing are too complex to maintain in-house.

By outsourcing the billing, physicians are able to do away with all administrative details involved in handling insurance companies and government agencies. Healthcare professionals can then concentrate fully on what they went to school for and what makes them money: treating patients and practicing medicine.

When medical billing falls behind, payment is held up. While many healthcare professionals believe in-house billing provides control, it actually increases the risks of losing business critical knowledge, impedes accuracy in claims processing, and ultimately limits billing precision.

Reduce and Control Operating Costs

By letting a specialized company do the work quickly and efficiently, you'll achieve greater economies of scale. Besides paying for your hourly staff, their benefits, sick leave, etc. you are at the mercy of them getting a new job and /or not working very hard for their hourly wage. You also reduce postage fees and services. Outsourcing allows you to maintain a consistent cash flow, regardless of your staffing situation.

Dedicate Staff Resources to Patient Care

Redirect the medical practice's resources from billing activities towards activities that have the greater return in providing medical services to patients. By outsourcing the medical billing, staff's energy is free to focus on greater value-adding activities for the practice. Allow employees to focus on patients and not their insurance.

By outsourcing the medical billing, you free your staff to focus on patient care and other higher value activities that ultimately generate more revenue for your practice. The more you and your staff spend on billing, the less time you'll have to serve patients and to generate revenues. Outsourcing allows you to maintain your focus, to keep patients coming through the door and to create and sustain a successful, rewarding practice.

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