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Many providers are at the mercy of their employees and insurance companies. In a world with insurance companies ever changing rules and regulations, it is making it extremely difficult for providers to collect on monies rightfully owed to them. With the ongoing modifications in the healthcare industry it makes it extremely difficult for in-house staff members to keep up with all the new laws and regulations. On top of the constant challenges with insurance companies, providers are endlessly worrying about their employees. Are they happy with their job? Are they taking too much sick time or vacation time? Are they working hard for their salary? Patient care is often neglected by employees because they are constantly struggling with in house billing issues. With Secured Medical Billing, "Where We Focus on Billing So You Can Focus on Patients," employees now have the time and energy to focus on patient care and resources.

Along with the ongoing changes in the health care industry, there has been a drastic increase in the medical billing industry. Having an experienced and knowledgeable company handling ones billing has been a huge help for many providers. However, with this, most providers have lost the ability to access and control their accounts. What makes Secured Medical Billing unique and different from most billing companies is that we have created the ability for providers to have the best of both worlds. Providers now have the option to outsource their billing and still access all their information in house.

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